About Me

In doing the preliminary research for this blog, I came across the advice that bloggers should use lots of headings, summaries, pretty pictures and bullet point lists, rather than expecting anyone to read icky paragraphs.

Look! A squirrel!

So here are the highlights my life in skimmable form:

  • Was born
  • Spent my schooling as the experimental subject of many a Gifted and Talented Program
  • Went to Nerd Camp
  • Did Physics at Sydney Uni
  • Had crisis, switched careers
  • Did a teaching degree
  • Started Blog

Some of my personal characteristic are:

  • Mid-twenties
  • Almost certainly female
  • Likes Cats
  • Has OPINIONS on Epistemology

I hope that some of you have made it to the end of this post, and not been distracted by facebook/loud noises/shiny objects. If you have, why not leave a comment below, let me know that you’re reading?


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Future teacher, always a learner

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