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It has come to my attention that some of the people I press-ganged into reading my blog don’t actually know anything about blogs (Hi Dad!). So I thought I’d write a little primer, and link to some of the other bloggers that have inspired and entertained me.

Ways to read a blog

  1. Go to the web address. Bookmark address. Visit frequently.
  2. Sign up for updates by email by visiting the blog and clicking the FOLLOW button.
  3. Use a web reader, like Feedly, and import the RSS feed linked to on the sidebar of the blog.

Other blogs I read

  1. Teaching the Teacher. A New Zealand teacher living and working in Singapore, Stephanie is constantly innovating and finding new ways to integrate technology into the classroom.
  2. Crochet Between Worlds. Two friends, two countries, many interesting and adorable craft projects. I’m not super crafty, so I like to marvel at all the amazing things that they can do.
  3. The Brass Ring. The story of a same-sex couple attempting to conceive… and then the story of their pregnancy… and soon their baby!
  4. What If? From the ex-NASA engineer that brought you comes detailed and well researched answers to even the most absurd of questions
  5. Love, Joy, Feminism. Thoughtful reflections on parenting, religion and US politics from someone who’s seen it all up close.

If you’ve got any other suggestions, why not leave a comment?


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