Home Again, Home Again

Well, the plan to write a blog post every day of my holiday fell through. And then I intended to post as soon as I got home, i.e. five days ago. Now instead this blog post will commemorate the day I finished unpacking, which is close enough for me.

I saw lots of great acts at the festival – Gillian Cosgriff, Cal Wilson, Adam Hills, Elixir, East End Cabaret, Ali McGregor, Asher Treleaven, Nina Conte, and finally the comedy troupe Watson. I would heartily recommend any of them, if you get the chance.

What I love about the festival is the variety – we saw traditional stand up, acrobatics/clowning, burlesque, ventriloquism, musical comedy, sexy Diablo (don’t ask me how that worked, it’s indescribable), and comedic horror at the Old Melbourne Gaol. We also managed to make ourselves laugh, especially when our costume party spontaneously turned into a murder mystery.

Thanks to everyone that made Melbourne 2015 such a success! See you guys next year!


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