Roller-coaster Ride

This class is brilliant. That class is a disaster. There’s a kid at sport who’s too rough. There’s a kid in one class who asks all the right questions. There’s a kid who has already lived through more trauma than you have in a lifetime (and another, and another…). There’s a group that works hard, works independently, and supports each other. There’s a group that sets each other off. Now do a WHS training. Now create a trial exam. Now split these nine complete strangers into two balanced basketball teams. Make seating plans. Tears and conflict. Adjust seating plans. Now do a prac. The lab techs are very helpful… so long as they’re working that day. The teachers’ aides are invaluable. Your staffroom is invaluable. Your head teacher is invaluable. Give a detention. Give a reward. Give a Stern Talking To. Arrange a meeting where we discuss How We Can Do Better. Play badminton, and wake up with a sore arm. Track down a missing student. Track down a missing class. Log incidents into the system. Set off an alarm (whoops). Break some equipment. Go to parent-teacher night and a staff meeting. Plan a practical lesson, only to discover that all but one student will be away. Where is this year up to? Where do I find the pipettes? Does this key get me into there? How is this kid so awesome? How is this kid so frustrating?

I’ve been teaching for seven days.


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Future teacher, always a learner

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